Friday, August 9, 2013

We bought a new couch

out of no where. We were walking through Costco just to pick something up and ended up buying a new couch.

You see we both hate my old leather couch... especially when summer rolls around. You stick to it if the AC isn't blasting and after our $100 electric bill from running our little wall unit during the heat wave, (and living the last week or so without it on) we have begun to loath the black leather recliner with passion.

The couch was free. It was my first roommates, ex boyfriends stepdad's office couch... and when we parted ways and she didn't want it-- it became mine. If followed me to my next apartment and later to the condo... where its been ever since... and its heavy. Getting it up to the third floor without an elevator at my second apartment made my friends swear that if i ever moved again they would refuse to help me move it.... but somehow it made it to my condo and up to the second floor there.

Now I've always wanted to replace it... In fact every piece of furniture I own was either free or a gift/hand me down... and the couch is the only thing i've ever really considered getting rid of.

But i've never found what I really wanted.

  • I wanted an L shaped couch with a built in storage compartment that was small enough to fit in our little condo living room...  
  • but I was willing to settle for a microfiber couch if it had a built in sleeper sofa since we only have a one bedroom condo and it would be nice to find something we could use when a guest wanted to spend the night (other than an air mattress).
So imagine my shock when we were walking through Costco and found this:

Everything I ever wanted in a couch... and more...

So as you can see... we took her home.  It took us two trips and a call to a member from our church to get the thing there (I had to wait with the second box at Costco while they brought the first one home)

.... and then SCB took apart the old couch to make it fit in the dumpsters outside.

He kept one piece of the old couch for an impromptu gaming chair for our bedroom. For the time being i'm letting him keep it because he looked too cute when he showed it to me and had his "look what I did-- excited" face... plus that will be one chair it will be hard for him to break... (See Office Chairs).

The couch cost us $667.52 (We had some pita chips and 2 types of dip in the cart for a work party too)...

So i'm officially purchased something new for our home. Good thing our dog has proven not to be destructive in our absence.


  1. I like it. Very good pick and practical, too.

    1. I know! We couldn't pass it up when we walked by it!