Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm a genius

Did you remember a few weeks back when I wrote this post, Adventures in Dog Food... Well apparently I'm not the only one thinking about what goes into my pets bowl. I saw this on MSN Money today Does your dog need expensive food?...

Well apparently i'm just awesome.

Here's a quote from the article:
Ways to save
No matter what brand you buy, there are lots of ways to save. For example:

Shop big-box stores.
 Overall, Consumer Reports found better prices at Target and Wal-Mart than at PetSmart and Petco. Compare prices everywhere before you head to the specialty shops.

Buy generic.
 Store-brand dog food is often cheaper than other brands. Compare the labels on a store brand and a mid-range name brand. If they have the same nutritional content, you'll save money going generic.
What did we do? Just that!

... we shopped around
... we compared labels

and we went with that awesome generic and cheap brand from Walmart that had the quality we wanted for our pup.

After that post I thought it was funny that Walmart was mysterious running out of that brand of dog food for a week or two after I did that post...

So if you don't want to take my advice... you can listen to them!

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