Monday, August 12, 2013

Settling in...

After being away from home for an entire week, we sure need a few calm days to settle down and get things back in order--- but we won't be getting them.

Today alone I have to work 8 hours... visit with my mom since she's back from her trip... go and get my dress from the tailors for a second fitting (the one I ordered on-line didn't fit in my arms and shoulders)... AND drop off a second dress to be hemmed... cycle some laundry.... and meet up with my old roommate for dinner.... and spend time with my awesome husband...  oh ya, and get my house ready for family that will be arriving in 9 days.

I'm just glad we were able to knock out trips down to Costco and Walmart already since all these people I haven't talked with in a few months all want to see me-- this week. My old roommate, my friend Amy, heck I even talked to my "brother" through text messages and an old friend from Child Share! Not to mention our visiting teacher from church and the couple that went to almost all my missionary lessons with us (they moved away) but are back in town this week...

I guess that whole re-commitment to fitness and taking a bunch of evening fitness classes probably won't happen  now... which is a shame because I wanted a nice burst before we gathering for all those picture moments next week.

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