Friday, July 26, 2013

I got promoted...

There, I said it.

Yours truly got a promotion at work.

(Now you know why my "budget" post was a bit more lucrative... ) 
If you did the math, it just didn't add up with what SCB was bringing in from the month before... by a lot...

I had to wait for word to get around the office before I could announce any changes on here, but back in February/March, my boss and my bosses boss pulled me into their office and told me they were going to submit my job for reclassification based on all the extra work and projects I had been taking on over the past 3 years...

I was in shock and appreciation at the same time. For three years I've worked really hard to make some good long lasting changes in my department and I've been very flexible as an employee. People have retired and I've learned how to do their work... as well as keep with the changing times and jump on website programming and digital and graphic media.

It was a lengthy paperwork process where we had to sit down and list all our responsibilities down to a "T" and then elaborate on them and their value to the department... (the document took me at least a week to do proper) and then it was examined by an outside HR company...

and it was denied... and I wasn't the only one either... there were 2 other employees that were being evaluated from my department and the hope was that all three of us would receive the "jump up" in both pay and title... but all three of our applications were denied.

My supervisor told me they were going to see what they could do... but I figured all hope was gone.

The irony of the situation was the day they told me it didn't go through was a day were I was too busy to leave work to go home and throw myself the much needed pity party I was offered... but I'm not really one to just give up on something I want. I told him I was going to try harder and work on more things that would lead me that direction... just after I got over the initial sting of rejection.

Skip a week or two later and the next thing I know I'm talking to my bosses boss about the new budget and he closes the door... He tells me that they re-submitted my paperwork for re-classification because a certain department Director was not satisfied with the response we received... and then he tells me that it went through... and starts to congratulate me.

Pure utter shock and gratitude. I work with some of the best people ever. Not only did they fight for me, but they didn't give up on me. It was my goal to get here by 30-35 years... and i'm 27 now and i'm now a salary employee...

I'll keep doing what I've been doing at work... but I get to do a little less of the more tedious stuff I didn't like as much... and now I get more special projects and events to work on... and staff to supervise... and an 18.51% pay raise... I'll generally do just 40 hour work weeks instead of some of those crazy 50 hour weeks I had to pull sometime during all those summer Lifeguard training sessions.

Ya...  Kind of makes those 3 years without a raise worth it.

Moral of the story-- work hard. When people make cuts, look for opportunities to make yourself more valuable. Always be willing to learn. Be the person everyone will depend on and be afraid to loose. Do the work that no one wants to that's necessary.

The last one is why when they re-petitioned my classification, it went through the second time. I took the projects that weren't fun that people turned down and dramatically improved them.

Man I love what I do... How many people can say that they actually like their job... cause right now, I love mine.


  1. Good for you! I am a huge believer that hard work pays off and you are reaping the benefits of your hard work now. That's quite a raise!

  2. Congratulations! I love that you have such supportive bosses. Believe me, I worked in the public sector as well and saw first hand how difficult it was to get reclassified. If you didn't have the support of your supervisor, it was dead in the water.