Monday, July 29, 2013

Auto Repairs

"Stitch" our 2004 Toyota Camry hit the glorious 80,000 mile marker... Since it is no longer under warranty with the dealer, we take it in every 5,000 miles to a local mechanic we think is pretty friendly and decent.

Unfortunately, it needed a bit more than an oil change to keep him up and running. A new oil filter, and engine oil... a new bulb for my license plate, my battery needed to be replaced, and both my air filter and my cabin filter needed to changed, again.

Oil filter - $9.95
Engine Oil - $11.96
Bulb - $3.25
Battery - $109.95
Air filter - $24.95
Cabin Air Filter - $29.95

Engine Oil and filter service - $15.00
Hazard waste fee - $5.00
Replace bulb - $12.50
Remove battery - $20.00
Remove and replace cabin air filer - $20.00
Rotate tires - $10.00

Labor Discount - ($10.00)

Tax - $15.20
Total  - $277.71

Next time we'll do the bulb ourselves...

We also spent around $100 buying new speakers for the hubby's car... which we installed ourselves. While he was installing them, he finally fixed the door handle too... so he's loving his 22 year old clunker right now :)

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