Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dogs, Cat, and more Dog sitting

SCB and I just spent the weekend Dog sitting at the McMansion again...  and earned a nice $70 for the 2 night stay!

I'm so glad that we can continue to Dog sit now that we have our roxy! This will give us some nice spending cash for the concert this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, we also start house and cat sitting for my mom... who's going on a trip with my sister and her fiance and friends again... So we are watching her cat and house for her while she's away out of the goodness of our hearts.

Then as soon as we finish that up, we are back at the McMansion for a whole week!

We actually had to pass on an opportunity for another weekend at the McMansion because it coincided with watching my mom's cat and the back track from my mom's place to their place would have been insane and with $4.00+ gas, we would have lost money instead of gaining from the trip.

So here's to a little extra green in our wallets... which will come in handy nicely with all the stuff we have planned for August.

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  1. Mindsets & Lifestyles have to change....or it will keep passing on to all generations...Praying that change will come....