Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Capital One taking over the world?

First they take my favorite bank (ING Direct...)

... and now my Credit Card?

my 2% cash back CC that I adore???

Whether I like it or not its true. The other day when I logged into my Household bank card I saw the horrible bunny slippers and their thor like helmet on the sign in page which only means one thing, they just inherited my business on yet another front!


If they change my CC terms I might just have to abandon them all together on all fronts... which would really stink for me since I love my old ING web interfacing and all my sub savings accounts and everything... but if I left them i would probably finally get the nerve to just go down to the credit union and make the move. 

But i'm undecided. I'll wait it out and see what they mess with. I mean no one gets between this girl and her rewards points... especially since you can't find a card like this one anymore. 2% cash back on EVERYTHING with no limit and checks at $25 intervals.

We literally use it for everything but gasoline because we get 3% cash back on gas with our AMX from Costco...


Stupid bank bailouts :(

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  1. I had an account with ING previously. I don't notice it being that different with Capital One to be honest. My old coworker swore by their credit card though.