Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Food in February

Well another month down and its time to look at what we bought and purchased for food during February.

We have started buying our Dairy from Costco again because fat free milk has been averaging $3.40 a gallon at the local market and if we buy two at the same time, we can get them for $2.39 each at Costco. Since we generally drink a gallon a week (more if there are cookies), this is a good savings for us, especially when we plan to also fill the car up with gas and pick up a few other items to make the drive worth it. So we saved $4.02 on Milk alone this month... but our major savings was on cheese. We eat a lot of cheese... and its cheaper at Costco. Fresh and Easy wants $7.99 for a 2lb block of cheese, so instead of spending $31.96 on cheese this month, we spent $21.50, saving $10.46 this month. We still have a full block and a half left, so we probably won't buy as much cheese in March, but we also like variety and we noticed they even have Monterrey jack there too so this makes us excited.

Monthly Costco Savings Vs. Grocery Store: $14.48

 We tried to be really good about not throwing away produce, and we have been getting much better than we used to be, but some mandarin oranges, a head of broccoli, and a tomato got tossed... maybe a few bits of other mini leftovers... but I think that's it. We also eat a lot of broccoli cheese soup when its cold, (and because I had a made for me coupon for it which made it uber cheap), but we got the end of the pot on one of the last containers we purchased, so we might be scaling back because it was nasty...

Walmart is our pantry store. We just can't beat the prices for some of the stuff they have. It's mostly baking items and a few odds and ends, but since we aren't really pantry eating people and I prefer to eat real food, we generally do a once a month visit here depending on how many weeks in a month and what the coupons look like at fresh and easy. We still have a months worth of $5 off $25 so we will most likely be able to do another Walmart stock up again this month since we need some house hold items again.

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