Monday, March 11, 2013


We have officially received our notice from the State of Utah that SCB can continue with the process of expunging his old misdemeanor from record!

I could dance right now, I really could!

For those of you who who have not been following our story, a long long long time ago SCB was in a really bad place mentally and shoplifted with his buddy and got caught. They were 19 so it went on their record. SCB paid his fines and his case was closed... He assumed that this had fallen off his record as he aged because he had no problems working in part time jobs in the Utah area. Right around the time the economy nose dived, SCB was laid off from his part time janitor job at the local school and he decided he was going to go back to school full time and give it a whirl. Somewhere on this leg of his journey, I entered the picture.

We started our happy long distance relationship... got engaged... and made plans for his move out to California. I had some construction work lined up for him from a friend who was going to "pitch" him out to his buddies for some side work while he dropped applications and found some stead work.

He arrived and on the first day of the job hunt he was offered a job walking distance from my condo at the local gas station. The only condition was he pass a background check.

He didn't pass... and they withdrew the job offer...

A little while later he was offered a job at Walmart, and even after telling the guy about his misdemeanor from way back when on his record, the guy offered him the position! We were thrilled until we got a letter in the mail rescinding the offer because of his record a few days later.

I started researching the problem and looking into other solutions. SCB eventually started going to Labor Ready each morning and trying to get work... Occasionally he would get a gig here or there but the conditions were not fun... he was paid dirt nothing... and he hated every minute of it but he did it.

Then just a week after our wedding, SCB landed a real, 40 hour a week job working as a truck driver hauling construction materials... It was a mom and pop owned company and since my buddy vouched for SCB they gave him the job despite his record.

Unfortunately 6 months later when they slowed down for winter, he got laid off since he was the last person hired...

It was at this time I thought we could originally expunge his record... We applied, paid the paperwork fees and got a letter rejecting the claim saying we had to wait another year...

2012 went by with little work so we started our small wood turning business and we kept feelers out for any small owned businesses that didn't have the corporate structure loop holes to jump through for a job, but nothing came. We tightened out belts, knowing it would only be for another year or so that SCB would be unable to get a job.

Which leads us to now... and the happy letter that arrived in the mail this week and was post dated the end of February. We needed to immediately mail it back with another $50 fee for a certificate that's required--- which will be mailed to us--- and then needs to be immediately sent back to them again with some more paperwork....

But I think we are 90 days out from a free and clear record and the hopeful new prospects of employment for SCB!!!!!!  


  1. Awesome news! I know that this has really been an impediment with SCB's job hunt. This will really help out the progress of your goals.

  2. Congrats! My boyfriend was asking me about legal stuff last night and it reminded me of you all and expunging the SCB's record. :-)Good luck! On your way back to being a 2-income household.