Friday, September 7, 2012

Property Tax Assessment Petition, year 2

After my much productive day yesterday, I'm proud to say I finally got around to submitting the information to challenge my property taxes for 2012 (based on the sales from 2011).

Why file again? Because they don't roll over any amount changes to the next year. Apparently they do an informal review that you have to request in January or February if you actually know about it to try and have them look at your specs before petitioning... but if you don't know about that (which i didn't) You have to reply every year until what they mail you is accurate and something you can live with.

While I got my value down last year to $115,000.00 I believe it has further dropped down to $113,000.00 instead of the $123,321.00 they believe my property is worth.

For some reason it seemed easier this year to fill out the application, but I still had to spend over 45 minutes on the phone with people to get simple questions answered.

For starters, the Clerk of the Board has no "account user name" retrieval system online (where they will send it to you in an email)... so while I knew the password I needed to log into the system, I could not, for the LIFE of me remember what user name I had entered, even after trying all the standbys.

So after a brief phone call, the woman told me i'd just have to make a new account. About a page or two into the system, I had to call again to make sure which box to fill in (secured or unsecured), since there were mandatory marks on both and I only had the right information to fill in secured... so another long hold and pause on their telephone line and eventually I had the meat and potatoes of the operation down. Then it was a quick signature on the form, a stamp, and an address and volia!

All done.

Only problem is I still have yet to receive my refund from winning my case last month and its been over a month since I received my award letter in the mail stating that I had won my case.

So i had to call the Clerk of the Board again, and I was transferred to the tax collectors office. The Tax collectors office tried to shove me back the the main clerk number I had just been transferred from and after a little slight pushing, I finally got the woman to tell me they had cut a check to Bank of America for $61.50 on August 24th and directed me to contact BOFA to find out why they hadn't put my credit online.

So, after much waiting and being on hold, I called up BOFA and got a person in the right department and after they pulled up my account information, I told the man I was calling to inquire about why they check cut from the tax collectors office on August 24th for $61.50 has failed to appear in my tax account. He told me he wouldn't be able to track the payment without more information. They needed to know if it was an electric deposit, or a paper check, the check number and the amount...

So, another phone call to the Clerk of the board, a transfer to the tax collectors office, and a much more helpful gal names Jessica, and I found out that the first lady failed to inform me that there were 2 checks cut, by paper for $30.75, I was given both checks numbers, and was informed that they were not actually mailed out until August 31st, not the 24th. The gal also gave me her direct line if I needed to contact her back for any reason if they bank needed more information.

Now that's helpful!

So, considering Monday was a holiday, most likely the check will be arriving at BOFA early next week so if by Friday I don't see anything in my account, I'll just have to contact them back with the check tracking information.


Then once the money is in there, i'll have to request the BOFA send me a check from the escrow account that I can take and apply towards the mortgage to make taking the day off of work and going to court worth it by saving more money on interest :)

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