Thursday, September 6, 2012

I need to force myself to be productive today...

and really start to tackle my weekly to do list.. Today alone I need to:

Get new permit for weekend sales location. Done

I need to call up and pay our annual insurance premiums... finished at 3pm!

I need to file our property tax dispute forms for last year... done at 3:45pm!

Get a swim workout in to start marathon cross training program... finished at 1:45pm!

Have the missionaries over for a lesson... (thats at 7pm)

Time how long it takes me to make a crochet flower and list all the materials and steps down for Fantastic Friday at church, and send a bunch of church emails...

Make a to do list for SCB for tomorrow (he's a little hopeless without a list of what to do for the day in terms of chores)...

Get rid of the 5 bags of books in my trunk that have been there since last month...

and get a decent blog post up for tomorrow so you don't end up with something like this again!

I know i'm still forgetting some things so its my hope that if I keep updating this throughout the day, I might actually get things done since i'm putting it all out there for cyber space to see.

Wish me luck!

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