Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Budget

If you remember back to last month, how we spent 66% less on eating out... well we cut that down another 18%!!!! We are getting a lot closer to our $80 a month dinning out budget. Thankfully we had lots of Chipotle BOGO coupons to help us do it!

We also spent the least amount of money on gas ever last month which allowed us to cover some other spending (like a cooler for camping and a grill to go with our stove that we got as a wedding gift). 

I'm glad that we are also giving again. I really missed that about our old budget, but it didn't seem right to give when we were getting unemployment for some reason... but I wish we would have looked over out budget while we were getting unemployment... we are being more careful with out money now that we are tithing then when we were before, and I wish we were only just as careful then as we are now.

As for ongoing items, We still need to get SCB to the dentist and other than the minor pull from the slush fund, we still have $2500 left inside it. Since we have tried to get in contact with our dentist on multiple occasions to get them to list off the remianing work left to no avail, we are getting a new dentist and SCB will be calling around this month to get it set up for us. 

After the dental is done, we'd like to replace the fan/vent in the bathroom, get that car fund to $1,000.00, set aside gas money to go out to Utah over the holidays ($300), and toss a few extra bucks at the mortgage if we are able.... Mind you that all comes only after we max out my Roth IRA... and I really want new glass slider doors for our condo...

We have amphibious goals... and to be honest, they are a bit daunting at the moment, but meh. You gotta push yourself, right? 

Here's our July Budget:

Paycheck #1:
  • Mortgage (P&I, Property taxes, MIP): $809.40
  • Giving $120.00
  • Fast Offering: $10
  • Groceries & Food: $240.00
  • Prescriptions/doctors appointments: $20.00
Paycheck #2:
  • Giving: $120.00
  • HOA: $262.50
  • Insurance (2 Autos, earthquake, homeowners) $135.00
  • Utility Bills (2 Cell Phones, Electricity, Internet): $230.00
  • Prescriptions/doctors appointments: $10.00
  • Gasoline/Auto: $150.00
  • Christmas: $50.00
  • Date Nights/ Spending Money $80.00
  • Roth IRA $161.90
So if you can do the math, our Roth IRA is going to come up short by 105.46 a month (assuming we dump $1,000 of each "extra check" I get into the Roth this year) & we still don't have a birthday savings fund ($50 a month). 

So any overtime and extra windfalls will first go to the Roth IRA to catch it up before its applied anywhere else. We will see how it works next month. I know I will have holiday pay and overtime on a paycheck in July so that will help if we run a bit off with the new budget (I worked on the 4th).

How we spent our Money Last Month:

  • Groceries/House Supplies: $219.50
  • Eating Out: 87.17
  • Gasoline: $84.72
  • Car Repairs/Other: $0.00
  • Giving: $421.51
  • Prescriptions: $10.00
  • Housing: $1,175.14
  • Re-occurring Bills (Cell, Electricity, Internet): $214.28
  • Gifts/birthdays: $0.00
  • Clothes: $0.00
  • Other: $157.74
  • Medical/Dental/Vision: $15.00

How we spent our Money thus far in 2012: 

  • Groceries/Household Supplies: $1,430.63
  • Eating Out: $882.04
  • Cars
    • Gasoline: $848.77
    • Car Repairs/Smog/Registration/INS: $798.01
  • Giving: $966.35
  • Prescriptions: $113.00
  • Housing: $6528.13
  • Re-occurring Bills 
    • Cell: $822.85
    • Electricity: $246.13
    • Internet: $220.26
  • SCB's Wood Turning: $812.21
  • Gifts/Birthdays/Holidays: $436.18
  • Medical/Dental/Vision: $333.95
  • Vacation: $516.57
    • Utah
      • $85.52 Shopping
      • $168.88 Gasoline / Tolls / Transportation
      • $119.98 Food/Eating Out
    • Disneyland: $142.19 (Parking, Food, & Shopping)
  • Clothes/Other: $792.30

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