Tuesday, July 10, 2012

70,000 mile check up

Well folks, the sad day is finally upon us all. My little Camry's warranty has finally expired... No more dealer fixes for free (like my gas tank), shuttle rides home, or parts always in stock...

Nope, the Camry is now free to go to any mechanic it wants to... so its going to our friendly neighborhood "I won't rip you off" guys.

The place that actually has to take appointments because they are that well known for not ripping you off and helping keep your car actually running without dinging your pocket book.

So, little stitch (what we call the Camry), went in and got its inspection and oil change. The only thing they needed to change/fix on it was my cabin air filter... and a cracked engine torque mount.

Other than that they said I had a really good car and I had taken really good care of it!!! (Which is what one wants to hear  right before a long road trip and when all they have ever done is take it to the dealer).

The cracked engine torque mount part cost $97 but if we didn't fix it now, it could have turned into a $600 job later down the line so we got it done.

All in all, parts cost $145.71 and we were charged $90 for Labor, got a $10 coupon/discount, and ended up paying $237.00.

Thankfully we have that car fund set up to cover expenses like this one... but it means its pretty much empty now. Eventually when we get and keep $1,000.00 in it we will use that money to replace Wanda (SCB's clunker) but until then, it exists to help with these facets of life.

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