Thursday, July 12, 2012

2nd quarter income comparison 2012

As we end the second quarter of 2012, it’s time to check in and see how my income is stacking up. In case you have forgotten, we have had a lot of changes take place income-wise between this time last year and now. The main change is that I’m no longer able to cash out my unused benefits since I’m now paying for health care for the hubby and myself.

At this time last year, I had earned $23,423.76 before taxes and deductions. Of this money, $2,299.22 came from Overtime & $2,135.38 came from cafeteria cash.

For this year, I’ve earned $21,711.62 before taxes and deductions. Of this money, $1,717.15 came from Overtime & $0.00 came from cafeteria cash.

The 2011 figure doesn’t include an extra paycheck… but the 2012 figure does. If I figure that in and add another $1,400 to my 2011 number, I’m really down about $3,182 in income from what I earned this time last year.

Considering $2k of that number is from the additional health insurance costs, the other $1,046 I’m short is due mostly to the fact that I only taught 2 lifeguard courses this year instead of 3 and there have been a few city events I wasn’t able to work for because of Relay. I think by the end of the year, I might be able to catch up some since I’ll be working more holidays this year than last. So far I’ve earned $744.06 from working on actual holidays as compared to only $289.00 last year and we still have a few of those floating around.

While a lot of the tasks I’ve picked up over the year from work can’t be paid out in overtime (Like Relay activities), it’s still nice to know that I’m not too far behind where I was at this time last year. Yes $3k is daunting and our lives would be so much nicer with that in our accounts, you can’t really cry over spilled milk… Plus, there’s that whole pile of paid vacation I have. Even after my week long vacation trip which I’m currently on, I will still have 299 hours (almost 7 and a half weeks) still stocked away. It’s nice to know that if something happened and I had to take a whole month off for some freak emergency that I would be able to do it without losing a paycheck.

After my week off, My 299 hour vacation pot will be worth $5,516.

Last year I only had 200 hours of vacation at this time & it was worth $3,721.00… which is almost $2k right there.

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