Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No more Unemployment

Well, its official. We got a letter in the mail saying SCB was no longer eligible for unemployment extensions because the income he could use to qualify was not significant enough to garner an extension in one of the federal programs.

Amazingly, it actually took us 26 weeks to clear out the funds we were awarded in the Unemployment bank because there were 2 weeks (the weeks we did the farmer's market) where we didn't get our weekly check because we made more money then was brought in with the unemployment... that and our last check paid out to us was $1.00

All in all we received $1,905.00 in Unemployment... and i'm glad we took it. It allowed us to get our emergency fund finished and in place and it gave us some start up funds for SCB's pen turning business. It also gave us some good time to readjust our budget and spending to where we are now.

If we had applied for benefits in November when they had laid him off, we would still be getting unemployment payments because there's some rule about getting to use an unfinished claim when a newer one runs out or something like that... So my advice to anyone else out there--- apply the nano second you get laid off... no matter how temporary the situation may be.

But, its water under the bridge and hindsight is 20-20 and i'm not going to fester over something that just isn't worth my time.

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