Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

Another week has rolled by and its time to check in. SCB started going to Labor Ready again and signing in for work at the most gross hour of 4am. While we haven't received any jobs or temporary gigs from it yet, its only been a week and he's been getting there early enough to be the second or third person on the list.

It's really hard for him to get up that early (3:30am) but I'm proud of him for going and trying to do the best he can. After he checks in there he comes home and waits. It still gives him the opportunity to wood turn and make pens and also help around the house with things.

But in more exciting news, SCB did get 2 paid working gigs this past week through Apple One! 

If you don't remember, I mentioned a few months back that a gal on my Relay For Life planning committee worked for Apple One (a temp placing agency) and she invited SCB into the program when she heard about our situation and how he had job offers rescinded because of his record. Until now, nothing has come across her desk that didn't need a background check of some kind, so we hadn't heard from her except on a few occasions when she called and said she "might" have something for us that didn't turn out.

Well it turns out a local business guy needed someone to help assembling some shelves in his warehouse and so our friend called us up and a half hour later he was driving to work. He got 4 hours on Thursday and another 4 or so on Friday finishing up the job and we should receive a paycheck from them next week some time. 

I also got a check from my work, reimbursing me for driving my car around on city business, so we get to add another $24.69 into our budget for the month. This should help us out because I need to start calling around for prices to have my car checked up on. The warranty is finally expired so there's no point taking it to the dealership for its 5k mile visitation... but in less than 300 miles my car will tip over onto 70,000 miles. So best to shop around and figure out where the best place to take it is.

I also called our old dentist up to look into finishing SCB's dental work... and even though i got a live person on the phone, the office was "closed" and someone would "call us back the next day" with the information I requested....  a week later, and no one has phoned me back. We really want to get an idea as to how much the work will cost us so we make sure we have the money together when we go somewhere else to get it done.   

We cashed in our rewards points at Fresh & Easy because we really wanted ice cream and supplies to make smoothies with and they weren't on sale... So we ended up not only using a $5 off $25 coupon... but also getting $18 off in  rewards points!!! I love their rewards system. We also made a trip down to Walmart to pick up some house items, crochet supplies (so I can use up the yarn I have at home), and a cooler with some of the overtime I had from my last paycheck...

Why a Cooler? Well, as a nice surprise update to this post, it looks like i'll be taking a week off of work and going on vacation to The Great Basin National Park..... and SCB's mom and dad and his brother and his family will be meeting us down there!!!! I'll go into more details on what the trip entails and how we are paying for it in another post later down the line :) But on to our Weekly report!

Weekly Spending:
June 16th:

  • $13.99 Fresh & Easy (Groceries)
  • $5.99 Sprouts
  • $12.42 Gas
  • $23.87 Costco (Groceries)--- Bought OJ in Bulk... its sooo good!!

June 17th:

  • $276.00 Church Giving

June 18th:

  • $11.39 Deseret Book (Church Materials)

June 19th:
June 20th:

  • $10.00 Prescription
  • $6.73 Chipotle (Date Night) -- Yeah Bogo Coupons!
  • $51.26 Walmart (Cooler for our trip, Crochet Supplies, house/other stuff)

June 21st:
June 22nd:

Money Goals:

  1. Vacation Fund: $0.00/ $500.00 (0.00%)
  2. 2012 Roth IRA SCG:  $1,387.63 / $5,000.00 (27.75%) 
  3. $1,000.00 Car Fund: $269.58 / $1,000.00  (26.96%)
  4. Paying Extra on the House:  $45.77 / $1,301.28 (2 additional mortgage payments) (3.51%).
  5. 2nd Roth IRA: $0 / ? We're just aiming to put 15% of what SCB earns in this account. Unemployment doesn't count as income... so at the end of the year, we will just take 15% of what he earns and open a new Roth IRA for Him if we have enough money to at Vanguard... If not, then we will open one up for him at ING (since there is no minimum amount needed) and park the money over there until we have enough funds to transfer it over to Vanguard.

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