Friday, June 29, 2012

I love 3 paycheck months!

Not only did some overtime hit my bank account this morning... but also an entire paycheck of beauty! I love the fact that i'm paid bi-weekly because twice a year an extra paycheck rolls into town and i'm able to stick the whole thing in retirement and towards savings goals!

$1,000.00 will be heading straight to the ROTH IRA in the next few days... and a beautiful $345.61 is going to our vacation fund!

Since its the end of the month and i had some over time from my last paycheck still floating around... and SCB and I have been very good with not spending money this month and doing really cheap date nights (Thank you chipotle BOGO coupons), we were able to squeeze $154.38 out of this months budget to add to our vacation fund so we have all the money we need to go on our trip (We estimate our trip should cost us $500 on the high end).

We even have $84.09 left in the budget after all of that and since my car needs to hit an auto place for a check up, we can use that money to go towards getting my car looked at if we don't spending it on gas or food before then. (It will technically go into the "car fund" and then be taken out to cover the maintenance costs if not spent... or we will just pull a few dollars out of the car fund to have mine looked at since that's what that little fund is for.)

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