Monday, June 4, 2012

Car insurance update!

Over the course of this past year, we have been making an effort to eliminate and get rid of some of our annual bills since SCB does not have a regular job anymore. (See Here  & Here for some cuts we already made)

After receiving our 6 month car insurance premium bills an idea came to mind. I called and asked if we could get a discount on SCB's insurance since he was no longer driving to work and maybe only filled up his car once a month.

Turns out, we could!

I just received a refund check for $42.92!

So, his 6 month car insurance bill is now only $155.67! Mine is $362.51 still since I still drive my car to work and my car is newer and i had that one stop light issue that hasn't gone away yet.

Since these bills are paid every 6 months we take the amount we pay and multiply it by 2, then add our earthquake annual premium ($322) and our homeowners annual premium (261) and then divide by 12 figure out how much we need to set aside monthly to cover all our insurance bills. 

Looks like we only need to set aside $135.00 a month to cover our annual insurance bills instead of $143.00. 

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  1. That's awesome. I too have made a concerted effort to lower my bills. I was able to lower our car insurance bill by almost $60 just by switching companies, the cable bill $22 by upgrading, and I cut out netflix and gym membership, too!