Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cox update

If you have been following the bill increase drama, then you know that we have hit a huge hurtle in finding SCB a real job. To sum everything up, the state of Utah won't let us clean up my husbands old misdemeanor off his record for another year-- and in this economy, that makes him unemployable.

The same day we got this crushing news, we also got our internet service bill-- with an across the board increase of $4 to our monthly service rate. While $4 isn't much, its $48 a year and right now we need to re-evaluate a lot of choices we have been making since we assumed my husband would be hitting the job market full force in the span of a month or so-- but that's just not the case anymore.

So I decided to start with our bills. Since Cox had just increased our bill, I decided to call them back first and see if we could downgrade our speed and save a few dollars. After a much shorter wait time (only 16 minuets instead of an hour and ten minuets where I ended up hanging up), I was able to get through to a Cox rep about reducing my internet services since their automated system was working with my cell phone today.

After explaining that I had called the other day and learned of the across the board increase, I asked if I could get information about downgrading our service plan because we just couldn't do the increase since my husband wasn't working and money was tighter.

He told me they could give us 20% off our bill for a year with no contracts or funny hoops to jump through.

Just like that they will take $7 a month off our bill.

(that makes it less then before the increase!)

A victory for a phone call!

Next stop, AAA/State Farm.


  1. In the meantime, your husband should consider volunteering 20-30 hours a week. That is a great way to make contacts and he could meet someone who would overlook his old conviction. Does he like to do building? Volunteer for Habitat for humanity, etc. Think of volunteer jobs that would work with his work goals. I volunteered at the hospital and I know guys that were volunteering there 3-4 days a week in hopes of getting a job there.

    1. We have also been toying with the idea of a vocational school for him and branching out to everyone we know.

      For now, any volunteer work needs to be really local or the commuting cost will hurt us since gas is $4.41 a gallon right now...

      but another good suggestion!!!!!!