Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bill Increase

It looks like our internet bill is increasing... again.

While its not much ($4 a month) i'm a bit upset because it puts our internet service bill beyond $40.00 and they just raised the price not too long ago.

Yesterday I spent 30 minuets on hold because their automated system wasn't allowing me to press buttons for my response... and all I got was a guy who told me it was an across the board increase and that if I wanted to talk to someone about my plan, i'd have to be patched into another department. 40+ minuets more on hold and I had to hang up and leave the house for a meeting.

So i'll be calling them today again and trying to reduce our bill/service level and i'll be also contacting AT&T since I keep getting low offers from them in the mail...

Why the sudden change and desire to cut back everywhere? SCB found out from the courts in Utah that his case has been rejected and he needs to wait one more year before he can file to have him old misdemeanor sealed/removed from his record.

Guess we will be trying to renew that unemployment after all. Looks like he will be out of work for at least another year now :(


  1. Bummer. Hang in there and everything will work out!

  2. This is totally off topic. Have you been checking the weather forecast. I heard on the radio this morning that a big storm may be headed our way on marathon weekend. I hope it waits a little longer because I can't imagine completing a marathon in the rain. Didn't the same thing happen to you last year? :(

    1. Ya, its going to rain. I packed my poncho and my friends bringing the pink duck tape for our sneakers...

      rain or shine, i'll do 26.2

  3. Not to cyber-nag but this still seems like a good time for SCB to get schooling. It doesn't have to be Stanford, just a good program at a voc-tech. If he really wants to be in construction he could take welding or electrician classes. Anything in the medical field would be useful or he could do some Microsoft certs or learn C# or SQL. All of these would make him more employable. Also, it would get him out of the house and give him something to focus on while he's waiting. Lastly, it would give a better answer to the interview question, "What have you been doing for the past two years?" than "Waiting for the mistakes of my youth to be expunged from my record."

    1. Cyber nag-ing is welcome.

      I've been trying to encourage him and once we get the EF funded fully, we will be taking the unemployment money and funneling it toward either his small pen turning business venture, or something more productive and more marketable.

      He's coming to terms that it isn't just temporary-- his job loss.... and right now and that has finally sunk in since he got the papers from the state of Utah.

      I think with that notice a fire will be built that I can work with.