Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

I'm finally over the being sick hump, and not a moment too soon with the LA Marathon only 6 days away. I'm finally off the night quil and the cough drops and I'm happy to report that I have made my fundraising goal of $2,500 to find a child a home :)

The hubby and I ended our week puppy sitting and came home with an extra $90 for our last minuet efforts which will help with paying my car registration dues and a little shopping we did since we had a
0% off kohls coupon that could be paired with a $10 off $25 that we got in the mail. (and don't worry, we bought necessities with it).

I finally got my HUGE awaiting paycheck with about 12 hours of overtime on it-- but this cash won't make it to our slush fund. In an effort to make my marathon fundraising goal, the hubby and I started to match a few donations to help motivate people and the money came pouring in. In about 3 days I went from $1,300 to $2,500.00-- No Joke- I work with AWESOME PEOPLE. So the $265 that was on it will be going to Child Share :)

SCB is doing better on the health side as well and I think being home will do him some good and help straighten him out.

We had some really random good weather and I spent my first 2 days off in a row relaxing. I forgot what its like to not work 6 days a week. Finally got a full day of church in and noticed how much I really missed it.

Weekly Spending:
March 6th
March 7th:

  • DMV: $118.00
  • Ralphs: $9.68

March 8th

  • Gasoline: $63.68
  • Prescriptions: $20.00

March 9th:

  • Electricity: $39.58
  • Child share: $265.00 (Giving)

March 10th

  • Kohl's: $55.48
  • McDonalds- $15.77 Belated date outing

March 11th

  • Costco: $36.38
  • Fresh & Easy: $23.88

Money Goals:
We have a few things we need to work on outside of our money goals before we can start attacking these with gusto.

  1. 2012 Roth IRA SCG:  $443.60 / $5,000.00 (8.87%) 
  2. Emergency Fund: $11,651.64 / $12,500.00 (93.21%) 
  3. Paying Extra on the House:  $0 / $1,301.28 (2 additional mortgage payments).
  4. $1,000.00 Car Fund: $26.31 / $1,000.00  (2.63%)
  5. 2nd Roth IRA: 15% $0 / ? We're just aiming to put 15% of what SCB earns in this account. 

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