Friday, March 9, 2012

$4.41 a gallon

You know that gasoline is getting more and more expensive. But the first time gas hit $4 a gallon it was everywhere.

Now it seems that few are mentioning it and just like when gas hit the $3 a gallon mark, it was huge the first time it happened -- then there wasn't much when it came back up and moved in permanently.

I just paid $4.41 a gallon last night.

It cost over $63 to fill my tank up.

That's more then we spend on groceries for a week!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of me is kind of glad SCB isn't driving up to Anaheim every day for work anymore. I don't know if we would really be making a whole lot in return for his efforts.

I'd post my receipt, but i'm not at my home computer and I can't work the puppy's scanner.


  1. Yep, and I am about to go on a road trip. Booo! It seems like no one is outraged anymore, though. ;/

  2. Apparently people are just rolling over and accepting the fact that its $4 a gallon... Bet the outrage comes back even worse when its $5 a gallon. Honestly, if the bus ran earlier I would take it to work at this point.

    $55 a month is what it costs for a local bus pass and that's less than one tank of gas... and I normally fill up twice a month at least. then factor in that I'd have no car insurance or registration, and not maintenance either... and WOW.

    Too bad buses don't start running until AFTER I already HAVE to be at work.