Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another bill bites the dust...

Since finding out that SCB will be unemployed for at least another year, we have been trying to make an effort to eliminate/reduce some of our re-occurring expenses.

 I decided to start with bills that were increasing (like Cox), and then I called about my mortgage's escrow account, and now i'm hitting my annual and semi annual bills.

I decided to called up state farm and ask them how much it would be to add road side assistance to my car.


Because I received a bill this week to renew my AAA card.

Now I knew SCB already had road side assistance on his car because we decided last year that one AAA card between the both of us would be fine since we were trying to be wise with our money and 2 cards would have cost us $72 a year... So we opted for one at $48 and I kind of forgot about it until I saw the renewal bill.

We kept the one card last year because it used to save me some serious coin and actually paid for itself in savings. Toyota would give me a nice 10% discount on all my repairs and services for being a AAA member because they used to have a AAA branch in their office to help people with insurance.

But they cut the program. I also changed hair places to save money and no longer receive a discount there for flashing the card.

So for the first time in a while I was faced with the knowledge of actually having to pay for their services. So I did what any good PF blogger does. I pulled out SCB's car insurance policy to see how much he was being charged for road side assistance and let my mouth hang on the floor.

It was only costing us $1.16 every 6 months.

I can't tell you how fast I dialed state farm after that. Apparently for 6 months of road side assistance it will cost me $2.82 for my Camry. If I combine that with SCB's road side costs, it will cost is $7.95 a year instead of $48 to have road side coverage.

So now I get to get rid of another card in my wallet, I don't have to call AAA to change my last name, and I get to transfer the $42 we had saved earlier in the year to pay for the bill to our car fund. Three birds, one stone.

Go me.


  1. That's an awesome savings for one phone call!

  2. I'm going to call our insurance and check on this. Our AAA is due for renewal as well. $90 this year for me and DH.

  3. Your post made me check my car insurance coverage and sure enough there it is...roadside assistance! Never even knew I had it and I was paying for AAA too! Bye-bye auto club. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I was really shocked when I found out how inexpensive it is. With State Farm i'll have to pay for the any tow out of pocket, but then i'll get my money back. Since we have savings, this is the best idea for us because its a way to make insuring against the unknown more affordable.