Thursday, March 22, 2012

A busy work week...

With the LA Marathon absorbing both our Saturday and Sunday (Saturday was the expo, and after 26.2 miles on Sunday you know all I did was plant myself on the bed to re cooperate), SCB and I are still playing catch up.

While he's doing his best to get our home back in order, I've reentered the work week and its filled with Meetings, Conference and Education Seminars, and once I make it through Friday, I'll have yet another Saturday on the job.

Were so behind that we haven't even gone grocery shopping and i'm just glad to say we can live out of our fridge and pantry this week!!! (always have some kind of food around, you never know when all of a sudden your heading off to work at 6:30am and not returning until 7:00pm-- I know for some of you this is normal... but I work 15 minutes from my house and 3 days a week I don't take a lunch so i'm normally only gone 8.5 hours with commute time).

Needless to say we will have a double week of Weekly Updates for you all once I survive and get back to normal.

Thankfully this week is completely run and exercise free since the marathon is done so Sunday i'll be able to kick back and hopefully relax with the hubby in a clean casa.

How do you all survive a real humdinger crazy kind of week?

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