Monday, March 26, 2012

Doomsday Preppers & The Band-aid Backfire

I don't know if you have ever seen the show, Doomsday Preppers, but my husband stumbled upon it one day and we have been finding it amusing. If you remember back a few months ago, I mentioned that we took out our 72 hour emergency bags just to toss out some expired granola bars and replace them with new ones.

After going through our bags, we added to them (including some comfort items) and made sure that I knew how to use the items inside.

Now before you think were crazy since I mentioned the "Preppers" show earlier, we are not preppers... by any means.

But we do live in earthquake ready Southern California and it is recommended that you do have food and water for 72 hours.

So how does this bring us to the present? Well, while we were out in Utah for vacation, we decided to make an emergency kit for my car since we always take it for long road trips and we had driven out in some bad weather. So our small car emergency kit was born.

Over the weekend, South County Boy stumbled on the bottom set of stairs at our condo and stubbed his toe as we were heading to the store. It was bleeding a little bit, but not too bad, and he said he was okay so we continued to the car. By the time we got to Walmart to buy me a new pair of flip flops (I broke mine over the weekend), he was a bloody mess.

But since we have a little car emergency kit-- it was all good. ---or so I thought.

Once I got the packaging off the first aid kit, I was dumbfounded by what was inside it.

Mainly air.

Sure there were scissors, and a pair of gloves and some disinfectant wipes, but the band-aids in side were so poor that within a few minuets and a few yards of walking, it was coming off SCB's foot completely.

So in addition to some flip flops, we actually found a bunch of first aid supplies on sale and bought good band-aids, gauze, some butterfly closures, and some simple medical tape. It all fit in the "dead" space left in the first aid kit I had originally bought... and now its 10 times better.

While some people take things to extremes like preppers, sometimes simple common sense is all you need.

Do you have an earthquake kit or an emergency car kit?

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