Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Cleaning

Over the weekend we stopped by our house to pick up some supplies for the week and decided to spend an hour or so killing some time before church at our house instead of driving back to the puppy home.

While we were there I decided to remove all our "fall/thanksgiving" type decorations since we wouldn't really be at home much to enjoy them and I hate having them up after thanksgiving... and the counter needed a good de-dusting.

In order to put the fall decorations away, I needed to have my husband take off the mirrored closet doors in the hall so I could get the bins out from under the shelving unit we put in there. So after the mirrors were off I got the bins out, loaded up the supplies in the boxes and as we were putting them back in the closet we both just started going through EVERYTHING in the closet. It was like magic. I didn't even have to fight SCB to make him go through his things!

Now last year when SCB moved in back in February, we put a lot of his things in the closet "just in case" and left them in there. We had books, clothes in various sizes from both of us, all my holiday decorations and things, and also our emergency packs.

As we were putting the fall stuff back in, I pulled out our 24 hour bags and started going through them and checking for expired items. We substituted a few things out, and make a list of things we should pick up when we go out to Utah since those types of supplies are more readily available.

But instead of stopping there, we went shelf by shelf and took EVERYTHING out. My husband tried on all his clothes and rescued a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts... and between the two of us we had 2 trash bags full of good clothes that we knew we would never wear and probably shouldn't keep.

I also stacked up a bunch of books I knew I wouldn't re-read and added those to the pile. I tossed out a bunch of old work shirts that were beyond ratty, and my husband agreed to part with his super soaker because he knew if he was going to retaliate against me with toys, he'd honestly use the Nerf gun instead since that doesn't require water clean up.

We loaded up the stuff and dropped it off at Goodwill on our way to go grocery shopping since the donation center is by our house and on the way there.

When we get back home from puppy sitting i'll decorate for Christmas and go through all those decorations and see what I really like and want to keep and what I should part with. SCB owes me a new holiday reef for the door because he broke mine over the summer trying to cram things into the closet. but now since all the Christmas stuff is in the living room the closet is really empty now!

Woot for successful random de-cluttering!

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