Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easy Peasy Chicken Cream Enchiladas

Someone asked me for my recipe for Easy Peasy Chicken Cream Enchiladas so I decided to do a post about it since SCB was begging me to make them again and i decided to wait till the end of the month for the weekly updates. So here's the step by step process complete with pictures. Enjoy the yummy-ness

First you must acquire/prep the Chicken. 

You can either cheat and get a precooked chicken from Costco and shred it to pieces, or you can cook about 4 chicken breast pieces in the oven the same night or in advance. We decided to cook the breasts this time and save a few dollars. I had SCB toss some seasonings on them and pop them into the oven with a bit of butter in the dish. Generally 350 degrees for 30 minuets will cook 4 small chicken breast pieces (these were actually 2 large pieces from Fresh & Easy that we cut in half). When then come out of the oven, cut into them to make sure they aren't pink and then shred them up with some forks and set aside!

The Sauce de resistance!

The sauce is made from three ingredients and it all gets dumped into a blender. The base of the sauce comes from the two cans of diced tomatoes WITH green Chili's. I recommend opening a can and inserting a spoon to taste the spiciness against your tolerance level. If its too out there for you, do one can tomatoes with green chili's and one can just tomatoes. If not, use both its tasty and mild in the end. After you dump the canned tomatoes into your blender, add 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.  Then bust out a chopping board and take a bunch of cilantro, remove the steam edges and chop away... should look like this:

Then hit blend on your blender and the sauce will have a nice pink color to it.

Now we move on to the assembly! 

First take you dish and coat the bottom in sauce like this:

Next, layer corn tortillas over the sauce to cover the bottom layer.

Next add a layer of shredded chicken.

Now add yummy cheese

Now we add some sauce

Then cover with tortillas

"Rinse and Repeat" the chicken layer & the cheese layer one more time and get this:

Then top again with corn tortillas

Smother & cover with remaining sauce-- get all the open spaces so use with gusto!

Add cheese, & drop into oven at 350 degrees for 30 minuets. 

Since the chicken is already cooked, the oven just heats things up and melts the cheese.

Now enjoy with sour cream, chives, Chips & Salsa, Rice & Beans, or just solo!!!!! (Makes great leftovers by the way!)

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