Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes procrastination can be your friend.

Sniff... I'll miss the 2012 new Toyota Camry with only 600
miles on it that i'm currently driving while they fix "Stitch"

If you have been following along you may have remembered that my car’s check engine light came on the other day when I was driving home from work. Thankfully, my 100,000 mile or 7 year warrantee won’t expire until March 27th, so I took my car into the dealership, crossing my fingers and kissing my elbows that whatever was making that horrible light appear, was something covered.

I got the call on Monday morning that my O2 Sensor was shot and since it was covered and the part needed to be ordered, I could come by anytime for my FREE rental.

God I love that pretty warrantee I bought (I bought my car certified used and then paid around $1,000- $1500 for an extended warrantee and it has paid for itself time over time.)… and now my husband likes the fact that he won’t have to take me to work at 5am this week!!

But here’s where procrastination is a good thing.

I haven’t got my car SMOG’ed yet…

I’ve been meaning to and I just haven’t been able to find the time. (My next paycheck has 12 hours of overtime on it and 11.25 hours of additional converted vacation on it—a testimony to how busy I’ve been and the fact that it will be a month before I have 2 days off in a row right now).

So, if I would have taken it in to get it done, I would have paid for a SMOG test fee, watched it fail due to the  sensor… and then be out not only the test money, but in panic, I probably would have been talked into getting it fixed by some guy at the smog place. And O2 sensors aren’t cheap. The part alone costs at least $100.00 at Auto Zone and since we don’t have the tools or the space to fix it ourselves, we’d be paying at least that 3 times that amount in labor--- especially if it’s the back sensor!

I’m so glad I bought that warrantee. To date its covered
·         The faulty power door locks.
·         The replacement of my connector hoses, & GAS TANK
·         And now my 02 Sensor.

At least one thing is getting better!


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