Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 12 for 2012...

As we start what will hopefully be a better year than last year, South County Boy and I decided to sit down and go over what we would like to accomplish over the course of 2012.  

Some of the goals are financial, some personal, and some are just fun and practical, but I find that I work a lot better and stay focused when I have a good list of things I'd like to accomplish over the course of the year.

My 12 for 2012
  1. Put $5,000.00 into a Roth IRA for me.
  2. Add $1,200.00 to our emergency fund.
  3. Pay 2 additional mortgage payments this year.
  4. Open and put in $5,000.00 into a Roth IRA for South County Boy.
  5. Save $1,000.00 to start a "new car" fund.
  6. Change the rest of my accounts, etc to my new last name.
  7. Loose and keep off 15 lbs.
  8. Finish a Marathon.
  9. Read at least 6 books.
  10. Crochet a sweater.
  11. Attempt to bake/cook 12 new recipes.
  12. Attempt a small vegetable garden on my patio this spring/summer. 
Additionally, while we were out in Utah over Christmas we started the process to get SCB's old shoplifting violation sealed so he can have a better shot at looking for a job closer to home that doesn't shut down for 2 months out of the year (more on that later this week, I promise.)

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