Monday, January 2, 2012

Were Back!

Its been a few weeks since I've posted on our little blog. I decided to enjoy the holidays and take a technology break and just spend my time enjoying family and Utah and not having a single obligation, including worrying about blog posts and updates.

We made it to Utah safe and sound. South County Boy spent lots of time gaming with his brothers while I crocheted numerous stuffed animals for all my nieces and nephews, watched holiday movies, learned to cook authentic food with my Japanese sister in law, and even managed to play in the snow for the 4 hours it was outside before it all melted. I re-discovered a love for puzzles, read 2 novels, and learned how nice it is to listen to someone playing the piano live.

We drove up to temple square one day while we were there to re-visit the place where SCB asked me to marry him. We spent a day shooting some 22's and a few 9 millimeter guns with SCB's brothers and my new sisters in law. We spent some time with our friends as well, relaxed, and visited a few places that are only in Utah.

Each night my husband and I walked the neighborhood to anonymously drop off some secret Santa gifts for my mother-in-law. we'd play with the husky on the corner who was so gentle and amazing that I wanted to pack him up and take him home with us.

I got a bit homesick on Christmas and missed my little piece of Southern California, but I wouldn't trade the time we spent living with 19 people under one roof. It was amazing to be surrounded by family, and at times I was a bit lonely since it was a different environment for me to be in, but it was a wonderful holiday.

We picked up some emergency supplies out in Utah, and some food storage containers and the like and still managed to keep our budget in tact and in the green. SCB's dad even gave us some unexpected gas money to get home and with getting re-paid for the things we picked up for some family members we actually have a few hundred dollars just sitting around! This will come in handy since we haven't heard much back from SCB's job and since our car passed the 65,000 mile marker as we headed towards home.

We drove back the day before new years eve and then walked sown to subway for dinner to help stretch our legs from the 10 hour drive.

We spent new years eve day cleaning the house, unpacking, and tossing and purging all kinds of things we haven't used since SCB and I got married. I figured the house was a mess from all the unpacking that we might as well make it dirtier and do a good job.

We even spent a few hours of new years eve at my mom's house and we have no disaster's to report.

Looks like 2012 will have some good things in store for us :)

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