Thursday, November 3, 2011

My husband lost our AMX card... (part 2)

If you missed part one in the saga, you can view it here: My husband lost our AMX card (part 1)

So after getting dressed up in costumes and heading out for a Halloween party, SCB found out that he was missing his AMX card when he tried to get gas at a Mobil station.

He started getting upset and flustered since he didn't have his card and he needed to get gas. Thankfully, he had the debit card on him so he ended up using it to fill up his tank since my purse was at the house.

 When I asked him when the last time he used the AMX card was, he told me he had used it at the fast food joint earlier that day... the very same place that didn't give him a receipt for his lunch.

The wheels started clicking in my head and I was a bit peeved at the idea that he lost his card at the fast food joint he wasn't supposed to have gone too... especially after I had got up on one of my "sleep in" days to make him that 3 sandwich lunch of awesomeness.

But I remained calm and I asked him if we needed to go home and check his pant pockets and his work bag before going to the party since he didn't know if it was in there or not. But at this point rational conversation was lost on him since panic and guilt had already set in. He was just plain unable to make a decision and stood there wide eyed and lost trying to decided if he should be focusing on getting gas or heading home.

While he continued to freak while the car was filling up, I asked him to use his smart phone to find the place he had had lunch at... when he pulled it up he handed me the phone and I called and asked if he left the AMX there...

Thankfully they had it.

Since they were open 24 hours I told SCB that post halloween party he was driving over there to retrieve it on our way home no matter how out of the way it was. He nodded, finished the gas, and popped back into the car a jittery nervous mess.

Eventually we got the card back that night... but my husband was a wreck until we did. When he was driving through the parking lot from the gas station to a drive through to grab dinner, he left his wallet on the roof of the car and didn't notice until we were pulling into the drive thru... thankfully it didn't fall off in the dark parking lot and he was able to get it.

Then instead of parking in the McDonalds lot to eat, he drove around in circles in a parking lot looking for a place for us to stop where it was "lit" only to finally park us in a deserted business strip with bad lighting... and when he did finally park so we could eat, he almost hit a car coming straight when he was trying to turn into a space.

Then he stalled his stick shift while we were discussing "the incident" on the way to the party... I decided to play it safe and not bring it up again since I couldn't take over since I can't drive stick and his car scares me.

Despite everything I have a funny feeling that SCB may think twice before getting fast food again... Talk about Karma eh?

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