Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My husband lost our AMX card... (part 1)

SCB has been trying really hard to cut down on the fast food purchases, so in turn I have been trying to support and help him with this decision. I've been getting up early on my "sleep in" days and on my "crack of dawn" days to make him lunch. I get everything assembled and I set it out by his work bag so all he has to do it put it inside with his 2 liter re-filled water bottle. When faced with yummy homemade lunch that's ready to eat and requires no effort on his part, he can easily pass on fast food.

But truthfully, without me, he'd buy fast food every day or starve since making lunch is not apart of his AM faculties.

I used to just make him 2 sandwiches with cheap bread from the store and I'd toss in 2 granola bars to his back pack along with a water bottle. (That same container of powered Gatorade is still on the shelf in the pantry. He mixed it for about a week and then got lazy and went back to water when he realized I wasn't going to bottle it for him everyday...)

Then something funny happened. Since he started eating more regularly at work throughout the day, he got hungrier since his body wasn't getting junk and wasn't going into starvation mode every other day... So his lunch grew...

I got him to start eating 2 small apples (woot, a fruit!) in addition to the 2 granola bars (bought in bulk at Costco). Then we added a bag of chips and I switched from cheap store bread to using homemade since its more filling, tastier, and cheaper (just time consuming to make). I added shredded lettuce to his sandwiches to hide a veggie into his diet (he won't eat just a leaf of romaine on his sandwiches but he likes shredded), and each week we'd buy a different cheese to help with variety and flavor.

This past week we moved to 3 sandwiches, still made on homemade bread (we buy one loaf of F&E bread in case I forget to make bread each week since I need more than 2 loafs a week). I even started to vary the type of sandwiches every other day so he wouldn't get bored. Generally, they are either made of PB&J, Tuna, cheese, and shredded lettuce, or a turkey/ham combo with cheese & shredded lettuce...

If I bake, I add cookies in too.

Ya, I'm an awesome wife... (toots own horn-- Go me!).

So imagine my awesome self coming home to find out that even though I made him a 3 sandwich superior lunch (which he apparently inhaled at 9am since he forgot to eat breakfast before leaving the house) he ended up stopping by and getting fast food on the Friday that would have marked our first successful WHOLE WEEK without fast food.

Needless to say I was a bit sad :(

But it was Friday night and we were planning on going to a Halloween party so i let it go. On the way to my friends house we had to get gas and pulled up to a Mobil on the way. SCB was driving his car so he went to get the AMX out of his wallet to fill the car up...

But it wasn't there...


  1. You are a great wife! The BF wants me to start making him lunch also.

    I hope you guys find it. I'll be waiting for Part 2.

  2. My husband and I had the lunch issue early in our marriage too. Same situation, I was used to brown-bagging it for budget and health reasons and he, being a young, single guy, ate fast food daily without a second thought. (It does start to catch up with them around age 30 ;) ). We solved it by making lunches out (without each other) something that comes out of our personal "fun money" while brown bagging comes out of our grocery money. That way I'm not the lunch police and DH has the option to eat out every day, or buy something else he wants. I've found also, as an added reverse-psychology bonus, that when he can have it whenever he wants opposed to it being a CAN'T, he seems to crave it less. It becomes no big deal and he can take it or leave it. Shhh. Don't tell him that though. :)

  3. Thanks Michelle

    LaramiK- That's normally what we do, but when we got the huge dental bill last month we both agreed to forgo fun money and just have our weekly date together instead so we could focus on that and making up the Roth contributions faster... since he's been good about that, i've been making the extra effort on my end to help him. But I wonder what will be the new end result when he gets pocket money again.