Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I Married My Husband... (Reason 2)

It seems like every so often I just get in one of these horrible moods and I feel like i'm just one more emotional upheaval away from crying a river and flooding the state of California.

Exaggeration aside, a few weeks ago I was having a really hard time emotionally. I remember vividly the time right before our honeymoon. No matter what happened that entire week I just couldn't get anything to go my way. After work one day I just climbed into bed and pouted. There is no other words for it. I pouted like the cute 7 year old child I used to be. I was upset from everything from the uncleaned bathroom, to things that were out of my power at work... I was upset that the laundry wasn't folded and put away... that my "family" kept stressing me out... and I just felt under appreciated as a whole.

I didn't want to cook dinner, clean the house, or even watch TV...

The final straw for me came when I got mad at the weather man. Yup, that's right. I was upset that I was teased with the hope of rain that never came. (Just FYI, I love it when it rains and it always makes me happy--at least when it rains and i'm not working outside working in it).

My pouting fit was not one of my better shinning moments... In fact, I even threw a stuffed animal in a fit of pathetic-ness (yes it made me feel better) before I hid under the covers around 8 pm at night and declared the day officially over...

Yup, in summation, I just wasn't feeling like "me."

This is where we all feel bad for my wonderful husband who was trying to just calm me down every way possible and was coming up dry. In the end he left me to my own devices while I tossed and turned in bed-- a whiny mess of hormonal wife (what he lovingly refers to as "bat shit crazy mode.")

While I sat clinging to the stuffed animal on my bed that I had thrown (and retrieved to tell it I was sorry) my husband kept going through drawers and both the closets on the hunt for something in particular...

He stumbled upon it a few hours later when he came to bed... and I heard it.


My husband spent 2 hours searching for an old hand me down CD that his parents had bought for one of his older brothers when CD's first came out and were all the rage. It was one similar to one of those cheesy "wild animal sounds" or "songs from nature" CD's that are always on the store ends with the little "play a 15 second clip" stations...

but it wasn't cheesy. It was soothing instrumental music with the sound of rain falling in the background... it was so real sounding that I made my husband open the slider door and turn on the porch light to prove to me it wasn't really raining... (for the record... it wasn't but I totally thought it was)

But my husband made it rain for me... the sadness and crazy lifted and again, I just laid there knowing that this was another one of those moments where i'd look back on it years down the line and know that this was one of those reasons I married my husband.

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