Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friends of Fresh & Easy

If you have been looking at my receipts from the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed they seem a bit longer then usual... and not because I've been buying more food items.Yes folks, the rumors are true. Fresh and Easy's "friends" program has rolled out in my area and i'm really excited about it! Just so you all know, this isn't a sponsored post or anything like that. This is me just loving on a company for making me want to shop there even more then I already do.

So, whats the deal?

Fresh & Easy is now rolling out a points system with downloadable electronic coupons that are linked to a "Friends rewards" card. What I love is that the prices in the store are the same if you do or don't have there card. Other stores make you get their "loyalty card" to save money but at Fresh and Easy that isn't the case. You get the same price with or without the card, but by using the card they will give you 1 point per dollar spent in their store (kind of like the Ralphs/Kroger rewards system). Once you get at least 500 points, you go online and transfer those points into cash rewards. 500 points = $5 to spend in the store and each additional 100 points is another buck!

This month it's double points on everything in the store and with my 250 point sign up, i'm already sitting pretty with a little over 800 points. I combine this with their weekly coupons and everyday same prices and its just another way we can save money!

They also let you select a few coupon point offers to load to your card each week. They have 2 categories with 6 coupon offers and you get to select 3 from each area. Last week they had 100 point bonuses for buying deli meat or bakery items.

All it takes is a few minuets a week to do, and its saves us money. I give them 2 Green thumbs up for this one!!

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  1. This sounds awesome! I wish there was a Fresh & Easy in Boston...