Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I Married My Husband... (Reason 1)

The other night we went out to dinner for my friends birthday and we dressed to the nines: Heels, Cute stylish dress, jewelry, make-up, and hair... and South County Boy in some slacks and a nice button down shirt.

We had a good time despite the fact that my Ex was there with his best friend (who now hates me). We all played nice and while we were eating our dinner, SCB didn't feel so well. He got up to walk around a bit and tried fresh air, but it wasn't helping him too much. The loud restaurant, the slightly unfriendly people, and a few awkward moments weren't helping much. We made it though dinner and declined a night out at David Busters (one of my hubby's favorite places) because he just needed to go home and lay down. He didn't want the computer, or ice cream on the way home... all he wanted to do was just lay down.

So we headed home... and after about 15 yards my feet started to kill me in my shoes (the ones I had worn though out our wedding with no pain... apparently my lack of walking all the time had ruined my ability to survive shoes with elevation).

I decided to ditch them and walk barefoot towards the car since I could already feel 3 blisters on my feet. The place we were at was like an outside mall so it was like walking on sidewalk. Everything was going well until we had to cross the black pavement towards the car. I looked down and was about to walk to the car when my husband... who was already not feeling well, told me to wait.

He said he'd bring the car around so I didn't have to walk in the street...  without my shoes.

He drove me home and I followed a second or so behind him while I grabbed my stuff so he reached the stairs first... and in that moment I knew why I had married my husband.

He slipped off his shoes and he left them there for me at the bottom of the stairs and walked up in his socks...


Because we have cobblestone steps (lots of little hard pebbles mixes together with cement) and he knew I didn't want to walk up the stairs without shoes... or put on my heels of death again...

I heart him.


  1. Awww what a great post. Sounds like an interesting (and awkward) night. He seems very nice.

  2. Aww... Good men are hard to find! He's definitely a keeper! :)

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww! That's so sweet of him!

  4. How sweet! I can honestly say my husband wouldn't think to do that for me, but hey, can't win em all!