Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emergency Prep Work

Its been an interesting few months globally in terms of disasters. We had the horrible news and damage from Hurricane Irene... Fires burning through most of Texas.... Then there was a HUGE power blackout that affected South California, Arizona, and then some... (we lucked out and didn't loose power)... and then there was the hail storm... and that did it.

Yup, freakishly random Thunder, Lightening, Rain... and HAIL... on my patio... bouncing off my BBQ.

September is supposed to be emergency preparedness month (according to some random website) and as I watched the lightening illuminate the sky and the thunder shake my nerves, I felt really unprepared... Then the hail started and I went to the sink and started cleaning out old mountain dew bottles and filling them with filtered water. I filled everyone I could find in the house that had a cap still.

According to most of the earthquake preparedness sites, they say you should be prepared for 72 hours in the event of an emergency at the very least.

My husband and I have kits made up in the closet for emergencies... and every so often we look through them and add to them, but we have never stored up any water... the most important thing we would need to have... especially when our building water goes off so much. They say you should have a gallon per person per day... and after filling up all the 2 liters and 1 liter bottles I could find we officially have enough water for each of us for 3 days.... Needless to say the next time we buy 2 liters we will be saving those too.

Since we re-used containers and the seals aren't that great, we will need to go ahead and swap them out in a few months with clean water.

But for now I feel a bit better knowing we have water stored up in case it doesn't come out of our tap.

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  1. Living in earthquake country, I have emergency stuff ready in the garage and flashlights all over the house. I lived in Northridge during the Northridge earthquake and one of the biggest problems was lack of power and water.