Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending, Work, & Money Goals)

Weekly Spending-ish
Since we were puppy sitting for the whole week, we managed to stay good on our budget (we won't buy groceries till tomorrow when we go home for the week). Most of our nights were spent in the hot tub or just relaxing while reading, watching shows, and for me, catching up on blogs since I had a monopoly on the mac my hubby wouldn't go near.  =)

We did do one date night mid week when we just couldn't stomach cooking because we didn't really meal plan this week since we were at the puppy house so nothing we had in the house seemed appetizing. (Note to self, this is why we meal plan so we have ideas and ingredients in the house to cook... and a list of all the ingredients we need to make them).

But since I had some cash in my wallet (I set aside more money then I needed to get my hair cut and i decided not to go get my eyebrows waxed because I just didn't have the time and I didn't end up ordering my make up from Mary K because I couldn't get a hold of my sales gal---) so I decided to use some of this cash to treat dinner and save us from the horribly non-functional kitchen. 

We only really had one or two other eventful things happen this week outside of the unexpected charge on our CC that I discovered the other day... When my husband was at work he forgot to grab their work Credit card to gas up the truck and he called half way down to san diego asking his boss what he should do. The answer was to put it on our AMX and fill our a reimbursement form.  We should get a refund check back on the 10th to cover the $85.73 it took to fill up their tank... Even though my man is forgetful, I still love him and I think he's cute (yes, my hubby reads the blog occasionally).

In terms of my family, my sister called me twice earlier this week and didn't leave me a message so I felt no real need to waste my time by returning her call. I know all she wants to do is yell at me and if I don't pick up she doesn't get the satisfaction of screaming. But a little silent treatment isn't enough apparently. She tried to resort to text messaging me saying that I have yet to return her calls ... but it couldn't be matched by my simple reply of, "you didn't leave a message." Needless to say after one more attempt to call me where all she got in terms of a reply was another text message a day later saying the same thing my phone was  silent from her.... until the weekend... where I again didn't bother with replying.

Ya, I feel a little inner glee that i'm depriving her of her little screaming 5 year old tantrum, but after her years or torture I think I deserve to bask in the beauty of being above the situation and her incestuous drama. For once I'll just listen to my gut and not give her the opportunity to tear me down. If it's important, she will leave a message. For now, I just hope not to hear the theme song from the Twilight Zone go off again (thats her personalized ring tone.) 

August 29
  • $85.73 (Gasoline for Work Truck)
August 30
August 31
  • $40 Chili's (includes donating some money from coloring some "chili peppers" for Saint Judes Children's Cancer Research)
September 1
  • $40.31 Gasoline (SCB)
  • $100.61 Prescriptions for SCB 
September 2
September 3

Job &Work Updates:
I'm enjoying being back at my regular gym center 3 days a week... and truthfully, I actually look forward to those days the most... despite some CRAZY interpersonal drama that's flooding the work environment. I won't get into it on here because management is aware of whats going on... but we are all just PRAYING it goes away and sanity is restored... Its a bit taxing to deal with every day, but I'm making do and trying to keep busy and that really helps a lot... Thankfully we have just one week of summer left and I have a little over 2 weeks until my happy vacation.  

SCB is still working and liking his job... Other then forgetting the credit card he seems like he's doing everything they have asked him to do. He needs to fix and amend his W2 though.. its still saying that his Single Federally, married on State... and they are taking out $20 extra for federal when its supposed to be an increase in state withholding. (If he doesn't fix it by the end of the month i'll contemplate changing my paycheck to accommodate for his inaccuracies... but i'd rather not)  I'm also gearing up to be more sympathetic to him because this month is going to be a bit harder on him physically because they will be moving a lot of doors this month because they spent most of August delivering door frames... and doors are heavier than frames... (but this won't get him out of laundry, dishes, and taking out the trash.)

Money Goals:
Its September.... and South County Boy got paid... which means we were able to eliminate the Xbox goal 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! We official owe nothing to no one... except our mortgage at BOFA. After this year when we max out my Roth IRA, we will start really hitting hard on our house payments. We are looking to turn it into a 15 year mortgage by just paying a whole lot. As for the Roth IRA, we ended up putting a decent chunk in there, bringing the balance up to $327.73.We are still really open to ideas for awesome charities that you love and would like us to support. Thanks for the ideas so far. We are having fun looking into them!
  • Xbox fund: $350.00... of $350.00 saved...100% Saved
  • Operation Roth IRA: $327.73/$5,000.00... 6.55% Saved
  • Child Share Fund: $92.00
  • General Giving: $164.00


    1. Looks like you're doing awesome!! Your savings are coming along nicely! Congrats!! :)

    2. Good job on not answering her calls. I'm sure it drove her crazy :)

      Congrats on having the Xbox fund paid! How good that must feel.

    3. This was a wonderful post!
      Good news all round and I am thrilled with the way you are handling your sister (and feeling comfortable with the way you are doing it).
      I am delighted for you!

    4. These are all great updates! I'm curious to know if you've considered re-financing your mortgage to lock in a lower rate, especially if you're trying to pay it off in 15 years. You'd have closing costs to pay again, but you may save a bundle in the end due to rates being so crazy low right now.

    5. BTHappy Homeowner- We actually did look into re-financing our mortgage... but apparently when we got our mortgage we got it before they modified FHA rules. The MIP payment (PMI but for FHA loans) is now under a new formula so if we could qualify for a new FHA loan (since we don't have 20% equity) we'd have to get a rate around 3% to see a difference.

      Our plan is come January to up the amount we pay each month to make it equivalent to a 15 year mortgage... and if we can toss more than that we will :)