Monday, September 5, 2011

We got the passcard!

My husbands old Passport... and his
new pass card tucked inside!!!
My husband brought the mail over from the condo and guess what we found?


I'm really glad we didn't break and pay the extra for the expedited process because we didn't need it one bit!

At first I really wanted to take a picture of the card itself because it looks really nifty, but then you'd have all of our information and that's a little scary... so you'll have to just admire my husbands old passport (it was returned to him in his envelope) and see the cute little card peaking out from the top of it.

But now we are all set for our cruise... minus packing and stuff like that.

I think once my name gets changed at all the different government branches (i'll be making an appointment at the DMV once I get my new social security card after the cruise to get my new license... and the change my name on all of my various checking and online savings accounts)... so once that's done I'll just go and get a pass card of my own in my brand new name to have in case of emergencies :)

But for the time being I just can't wait for vacation land to be upon us... I could really use a break from work stuff (there are just some crazy personality issues circling around that I don't want to get into on the blog as we are all hoping that its a temporary phase that will go away on its own...  but its just a lot to just deal with on a day to day basis).... plus the vacation will be nice because when i get back i'm going to be uber busy even though its our slower season...

I just hope everything stays in good balance and i'll be able to take car of myself and make time for my husband and my friends. I need to make myself a priority and take care of me so I don't unravel at the seams... This vacation will do so much for my sanity... I can't wait. 18 days!!!!

 which reminds me..

I'm looking for people who may be interested in guest posting on my blog for the week i'll be away? If your interested, email me at   

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