Friday, September 2, 2011

An Unexpected charge on my credit card...

As I was marking off the spending and updating our budget spread sheet, I noticed a charge for $100.61 that I didn't authorize on my Master Card... Before I freaked out and panicked, I called SCB because it looked medical related.  

A few weeks ago SCB visited the doctor to get his regular visitation in so he could renew some vital daily prescription medications. We still haven't received a bill yet for the doctors visit because apparently the bill goes to the insurance company first...  and then they negotiate a rate decrease on our behalf... and then they mail that final copy to the doctor... who then turns around and bills us for the negotiated amount. 

My first thought was that this was his doctors bill payment... since it should be around $100- $150 dollars since he has a higher deductible plan with his family and they haven't met the out of pocket maximums for the year...

but after a few phone calls to the hubby, we realized it wasn't his doctors bill that got charged because he didn't give them that credit card information.

It was his prescription renewal bill.  

We had recently submitted new billing information to his insurance company for their prescription delivery service and they assumed that when we did that we wanted to order and refill his prescriptions.

While a bit unexpected in terms of our budget, we aren't necessarily going to complain because the other dad SCB was mentioning to me how we should order him some more inhalers because he was running low and using them more often with the smog in LA and just because his work was more physically taxing at times.

I'm just glad we only had to pay for the 3 inhalers and not any money out of pocket for his Singular (which they also are apparently sending us as a 3 month supply) ... 

If his insurance didn't cover his Singular, we'd be paying an additional $398.16 on top of the $100.61 for the inhalers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Let me just say I'm REALLY glad we don't have a co-pay for that one! That's $4.42 a pill... (And some days he has to take more than 1)... 

At least we planned for this month to be our "health month." I'll post our budget outline for the month later, but we are sending SCB to the dentist... and setting aside money for the eventual doctors bill we have coming our way.

Thankfully this is also a 3 paycheck month for SCB!!!

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