Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending/Groceries, Job updates, & Money Goals)

Weekly(ish) Spending:
Towards the end the end of the week my hubby and I were out and about and we happened to walk into a Ralphs and found 6 one pound packages of ground beef for $1.26 a piece.... so we stocked up. I also had originally promised my hubby that the day he got a real job, i'd buy him mint oreo cookies (and mail then to him in Utah...) well, he's not in Utah so I saved some cash on postage... but we bought mint oreo cookies for him because HE GOT A JOB! We had about $100 leftover from last months extra paycheck that we rolled over into this month because we knew we'd have some extra expenses (like my cell phone termination bill, etc) so we pulled some of that money to cover our Ralphs trip and a nice date night out to California Fish Grill... my favorite restaurant. (and it was sooooo good).

We spent all day Saturday resting at the beach with our little shade tent we got as a wedding present and we had a really fun time... I even buried my hubby in the sand. It was a nice break from being at home and it didn't cost us a dime. We packed a cooler full of food and we parked on the street for free and walked down to the beach. It was a wonderful day, but SCB looks like a lobster now because he didn't re-apply his sun screen on his front... I'm rocking a nice tan except for the one place he didn't spray me too well, but its okay. I still love him :) Here's our weeklyish spending:

July 29th: -$0.00
July 30th: -
  • Costco $23.48 (beer/gift)
  • Target: $11.92 (Bathroom cleaner, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 birthday cards, and a package on index cards)
  • 99 Cents Store: $12.44 (ice cream bar, UCLA Bowl, Bows, Bag, tissue paper, 5 plant planters, 2 extension cord wrappers.)  
July 31st: -$0.00
August 1st: -
  • Costco Annual Fee: $50.00
  • Fresh & Easy: $45.37 (Frozen hamburgers $8.99, Frozen Veggies $1.69, Frozen french fries $2.49, two bags of penne pasta $0.99 each, Stuffing $0.69), Pasta Salad mix $2.49, Hot Dogs $0.99, one can of olives $1.79, one can of pineapples $1.49, one can of kidney beans $0.79, two cans of tomato sauce $0.39 each, two jars of alfredo sauce $1.99, marinated artichoke hearts $2.79, Garlic herb marinade $1.99, container of buffalo wings $6.99, white bread $1.19, two packages of flour tortillas $.98 each, Salad $2.10,  white onions $1.69, mushrooms $1.99, Tomatoes $0.98, yogurt 4 pack $2.79, two 2 liters of mountain dew $1.69 each plus $0.10 crv). We had 2 coupons we could use, $5 off $25 (from the ad) and $6 off $30 (from my email account)... Its good to know cheese and yogurt don't count towards Dairy so our coupons work on them. 
  • Baskin Robbins: $10.77 (we had lunch and dessert together when SCB came back from his job interview.)
  • Carl's Jr. $14.42
August 2nd:
  • $27.48 (my sister's fiance's present)
  • Paddle boats! $5.00 for 2 boats for an hour. (we got to go with one of my friends and it was really fun!) we also got a snow cone to split for a $1.00 and change.
August 3rd: $0.00
August 4th: $0.00
August 5th:

  • $2.80- Mountain Dew
  • $26.77- Gasoline for the hubby
  • $19.24- Ralphs ($2.00 ice cream sandwiches, $3.50 oreo cookies, $1.29 x 6 --Ground beef, two Jeannie O- Turkey Sausage $3.00) 
  • $4.31- Walmart- Shoe Goo (to fix a pair of my shoes that broke)
  • $25.29- California Fish Grill

August 6th: $0.00 (yeah for the beach!)

Job Updates:
My husband went in on Friday to take his drug test... AND SIGN HIS JOB OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's EMPLOYED!!!!!!!! He'll be working 40 hours a week, at $10 an hour!!!!!!!! He will be paid bi-weekly just like me, but on alternate weeks so every week we should have a paycheck coming in!!!

Money Goals:
With his paycheck from Friday cashed and inside the X-box fund we are now sitting pretty at $132.00. Since he should be starting work officially on Monday, he be paid on the 19th, (for one week around $360). So I think we will be able to add more to the fund then :)

$132.00... of $350.00 saved.... 37.71% there....


  1. I'm glad your hubby signed his job offer! I love getting checks on alternative weeks. Makes me feel secure lol

  2. Congrats on the job for your husband. Employment is such a good feeling.

  3. Congrats on the job! That has to be a great feeling!

  4. Congrats on your savings project so far. It is amazing how much it adds up. Keep it up and best of luck.

  5. Congratulations on his job!! That's wonderful news!! Great job also on the savings fund; it's fantastic to have a goal in mind and watch yourself progress towards it!

  6. Congratulations to your husband on the job!! Wonderful news! :)