Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending, Work, & Money Goals)

Our Grocery Shopping for the week
(August 27)

Weekly Spending-ish
Okay, we finally had a week that resembled normal for us finance wise. I'm posting this a bit later than normal only because we had an "interesting" weekend run in with my family... but thats for another post.

Offermatic gave us our $10 rebate from our purchase!!! We used the extra cash as a apart of our grocery budget because I needed a girls night. Its been about a month and a half since our wedding and because we have been really busy, I haven't had time to see my girlfriends very much so I left my husband at the puppy sitting house on Saturday and had all my girlfriends over to the condo to catch up. Since we are house sitting we decided we'd eat more on the simple side this week since its easier... and this way we could get munchies and things for girls night. We also baked a ton of yummy treats and it was a fantastic triple movie feature kind of night!     

We got a few "no spend" days in this update which was kind of nice :)

August 20:
  • Gasoline: $47.74 (South County Girl)
  • Costco: $11.18 (Milk and Block Cheese)
  • Fresh & Easy: $40.82 (Groceries for the week)
August 21:
  • $171.90: (Our Parasailing Cruise Adventure...)
August 22:
  • Gasoline: $30.26 (South County Boy)
  • Cell phones: $132.50
August 23:
August 24:
August 25:
  • OC Clerks Office: $14.00 (Marriage Cert)
August 26:
  • Chipotle: $13.68 (date night paid for with my gas rebate check from work.)
  • $262.50 -HOA Fee
August 27:
  • Gasoline $29.43 (South County Boy)
  • Costco: $12.48 (Milk and Deli Meat -- We had a coupon for deli meat this week)
  • Fresh & Easy: $41.96 (groceries for my girls night and our week at the puppy sitting house)
August 28:

Job &Work Updates:
I have a new work schedule starting this week now. I'm back at my old facility 3 days a week, and I still work in "the office" 2 days a week... but now it looks like I only have to lifeguard 2 hours a week... which is a big difference. Hopefully this means i'll be able to get some work done and play catch up with everything I've got going on.

SCB is still working and liking his job... but he doesn't really connect with his co-workers because they have nothing in common anymore. All the guys do is cuss and drink on the weekends so SCB has taken to downloading books on tape to listen to while he's doing his work because his boss doesn't mind if he listens to music or an MP3 player. So this small technology is saving his sanity a bit.

Money Goals:
As I mentioned earlier, the x-box fund is taking a break this month and we will resume it in September.
  • Xbox fund: $132.00... of $350.00 saved...37.71% Saved
As for the Roth IRA, we have $171.32 sitting in it from my first paycheck of the month... and once my money is transferred, we should be finishing the month off with another deposit... but i'll wait for everything to clear in my accounts before I post so it should come with next weeks update.
  • Operation Roth IRA: $327.73/$5,000.00... 6.55% Saved
Our giving accounts also got a boost with my paycheck that we got on Friday. Now that we have money in our general giving account we will start highlighting so new giving ideas and posts next month :) We are still really open to ideas for awesome charities that you love and would like us to support. Thanks for the ideas so far. We are having fun looking into them!

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