Friday, August 26, 2011

Its official... I have a new last name

My "bro" signing my real Cert!
I got a note in the mail last week from the County Clerks office saying that my marriage licence would be expiring soon and they had yet to receive my documents from my officiant.

(Insert panic here)

I called my pastor who told me he put it in the mail the Monday after our wedding so I finally found a few moments to give them a call and figure out what was going on... A wonderful lady looked us up in their computer system and told me that there wasn't an issue at all. They sent us the note because their computer hadn't registered that er had used it because they mailed the notice out 2 weeks after our wedding and it takes 3 weeks to process everything.

So I got into my car and drove down to their office to get my official copy/duplicate. I got there and followed the signs to the computer terminals, typed everything in, and then got in line. Simple, Quick, and painless. I maybe waited 15 mins, paid $14.00 and was out the door like that!

Since I had time to spare, I hit up my local social security office to process my application for my new card. After doing an "self check in" and getting my bag checked by security, I was good to go. The security guard made sure I had all my documents with me and I maybe waited around 30 mins since I didn't have an appointment.

My number was called, I passed over my application, my ID, and in a few mins they just sent me off on my way and i'll get my new card in 2 to 3 weeks. I asked when I should go to the DMV and they told me that I should wait 2-3 days to make sure the change is in my computer and then I can go and get my new licence and kiss my old name good bye.

I stopped by the bank on my way home to change my name there, but sadly I have to do the DMV first so I just cashed my gasoline rebate check and headed home. Considering I got off work at 1:00pm and its only 3:30 now as I type this, I'd call that a really productive afternoon if I do say so myself.


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  1. Congratulations! Technically my name hasn't changed yet. I've been waiting until my birthday to head to the social security office, DMV, and changing my name on everything else. But I do have my certificate!