Thursday, August 25, 2011

Married Life- Payback is awesome

The other day my husband made oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips in them. Why? Because my friend came over and he didn't know what to do with himself. lol

Since our place is a bit on the small side, there really aren't too many places to hang out if you want to be alone. There's the living room and the bedroom... and unless you want to hang out in the closet, there isn't anywhere else in our little 700 square foot home. So when my friend and I were playing catch up on the couch (I hadn't seen her since the wedding), SCB felt weird about just sitting on the computer 4 feet or so away from us. He wanted to leave us alone so we could have girl time and not just sit there ease-dropping while he surfed the net... but he didn't want to feel like he was banished to the bedroom either...So, he migrated to the kitchen... and just started baking all kinds of goodies.

He actually did the same thing the last time one of my gal friends came over before the wedding... So I get to gab about girly things with my friends while my hubby supplies us with tasty treats :)

But that's not all... We occasionally play games with one another (Nurf guns included), and my husband was feeling a bit playful so he decided to play a trick on me...

The next morning I left for work bright and early before South County Boy was up and moving around. He texted me while I was still working to let me know that he left me a note on the computer that I should check... I came home and saw this:
He hid the cookies...

and I couldn't find them on my own...

I called him at work and let him hear the bread maker in the background, showed him my ring via picture message (I had taken it off to help make the cookies last night), and I vouched that the dishes were clean... In essence I surrendered and he gave me the location of the cookies.
He put them in my craft box in the closet...
So after enjoying a cookie or two (no wonder i'm not loosing weight-- but I did work out 2 times this week in the gym) I decided that playful revenge was in order. I left this message for him to find on his computer when he got home:
After about an hour of him searching unsuccessfully, he broke down and folded the laundry and I gave him a few hints for their location.... and still no luck.

So eventually I had to go get them from the bottom of the oven (it has a storage drawer at the bottom that he didn't know about.)

Married life is fun.


  1. Ah. It takes me back. The house that I owned when DH and I got married was 728 square feet. I had my two boys also so it was "cozy" to say the least. Still, some days I miss it (like when I'm cleaning the third bathroom in our relatively palatial 3,345 sq ft home). After nearly 12 years of marriage I still marvel at the fact that DH was willing to take us all on. :)

  2. That sounds so fun! I'm going to try that with hubby. Treats like cookies can be a great way to influence him to do things like the laundry and take out the trash.

  3. You know you're marriage is so admirable...I salute couples who still enjoy they're youth and give and take...and does not argue over financial matters.

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