Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Booking our excursions...

Our cruise is less than a month away so we wanted to make sure we booked out Parasailing before it got full. We know its an outrageous price $170 for 2 people... but its something i've always wanted to do and we are using money we got from the wedding to pay for it so it was a gift.

While we knew it may be cheaper to book outside of the cruise-line, we wanted to make our trip as easy as possible for us since it is our first cruise... So we went ahead and booked through the cruise line so we don't have to worry about missing our appointment because we didn't leave enough time to get off the ship.

We also set aside enough cash for a soda pass for my hubby & our individual gratuities ($10 per person, per day)... As well as $100 of pocket money for souvenirs, possibly a little money to gamble with at the casino on deck, and snacks when we are off the ship if we like. We will also have a bit of our own personal spending money and a little date money with us too.  On Friday we are house sitting/puppy sitting for a whole week and that money should cover the costs to park our car and any fuel surcharges we get assessed if gas blows up in price next month.

Hopefully we aren't forgetting anything.

We wanted to book a zip line excursion but they didn't offer one so that's something we may try and figure out for next time we go since we will have a better layout of the island and how long it takes you to get off the boat (---that is, if we like the cruise and want to use the second set of vouchers we have). As of right now we haven't received hubby's pass card yet so here's hoping we didn't waste $60 trying to get it. (Silly us and our procrastinating).


  1. Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to go on a cruise. I want to go parasailing also, but my Bf didn't want to when we went on vacation last week. Ziplining is tons of fun! Where are you going for vacation?

    Michelle @ MakingSenseofCents

  2. Excursions can be a budget buster! Decide what is really important to you and spend there. Other things that would be nice to experience use alternatives. Friends of ours have used local taxi drivers to provide a tour and quite reasonably.

  3. We are doing a Carnival Cruise for our honeymoon since we got some free vouchers (we still had to pay port fees and taxes... and upgrade our room from bunk beds...) but it saved us some cash in the long run.