Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another bout of Awesome Customer Service...

So last week we went to Chili's for dinner because we had a coupon for free dessert... and its SCB's favorite restaurant so we really don't need an excuse. While we were there we ran into a server we had around 6 weeks ago...

before we got married.

When she was our server the first time, 6 weeks ago, we chatted a little about how we were getting married soon and she thought it was cute that Chili's would be our last official date before we were a married couple. We mentioned how we had all my friends meet my husband for the first time a Chilis (his first time there) and how he liked it so much we came back a few days later on christmas eve because we didn't want to cook... We also mentioned how we had our parents meet each other for the first time at Chlli's after we had got engaged...  Just casual chit chat about liking the restaurant and the food. She was nice and polite and she took good care of us. Like wise, we tipped well and thought that was that until last week when we went back for a regular date night.

& She remembered us... a full 6+ weeks later.

She asked us how our wedding went and we were able to tell her how much we were liking married life and about how we came to Chili's on our wedding night... still in our my wedding clothes for dinner at like 11pm... Again, it was just casual chit chat but it helped add something to our date that we both appreciated.

Again, she took good care of us (we actually had 2 servers tag teaming us and they both took good care of us and refilled our drinks, etc)... but something about our visit just seemed better than normal. I tried a new entree and really liked it, but I knew that wasn't it... I guess it just boils down to the fact that it really meant a lot to me that our server had remembered us and our story

When we got the bill we had no problem using the free dessert coupon from my email... but when it came to tipping, I threw a few more dollars then normal on the tip line (and before you ask, yes, I calculate the free food into my tipping percentage like a good ex server would)...

But why the extra few dollars on top of the normal 20%? 

Because so often when I go out to eat and I order water as a beverage I tend to get ignored as a customer because we look young and we eat at casual restaurants.... It's not my fault that I don't like soda when I go out... but servers hear that and think Cheap and Crap tip...

But because we were touched that she took the time to remember us, I left a larger tip then normal because I felt like a customer... like a person... I felt more then a number for once and in the twenty first century that's a lot to ask for.


  1. Wow sounds like great customer service! Just like you, I always tip for the free food as well. A lot of my friends don't, and it really bothers me.

  2. I really like Chili's too. Our local Chili's servers usually remember us (even though we don't eat there that frequently) and are very pleasant - even if I do order just water, too. ;)

  3. What a sweet story!! I love that she remembered you. The server sounds like a genuinely nice person.

    I know what you mean about seeming "cheap" when you don't go for the upsells. I feel guilty saying "no" to everything a server suggests: appetizers, drinks, dessert, coffee. How silly -- why should I feel guilty about it? And yet I do ...