Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Link Love

A collection of my favorite posts I discovered around the blog-o-sphere this week... Happy Reading (and if your at work, happy procrastinating folks).
  1. Up Yours Gas Station, I'd this... and I'd love to be in shape enough and have this as a viable option... I don't live too far from where I work, but with my early hours and all the hills between here i'd die... but Kudos to you!!!!
  2. The US Downgrade is my fault, this hits home for me because I have some very similar thoughts on the issue... Truthfully, haven't we all thought, "whats in it for me" when we cast our vote?
  3. Libby Lessons, Just a cute picture of how silly and loveable our animal companions really can be. SCB and I have been debating getting a furry little friend... but we decided to wait till the new year to really think it through.
  4. Does your insurance make house calls? If I found a company that did this for me, i'd be a customer for life.
  5. Profanities turned Precious ... if I only had that kind of a eye for a fixer upper!!! Their creation is amazing and most excellent for their pocket book. 
  6. House Maximizing tips and tricks- I don't know why, but i'm fascinated by minimalists and people who live in tiny houses... maybe its because i'm 5'1'' or because I believe that some times stuff just clutters your life... but I love little places. If my home came with a yard and a garage I don't think i'd feel the need to ever move since SCB and I aren't planning to have kiddos anytime soon... and i've been on a purging spree.
  7. Stay cool for less, Really decent tips for keeping cool... and after our large electric bill, we could sure use them. I love how long term some of them are... and how very practical for those who don't have AC... like spending time at the library or walking around the mall, etc. 
  8. Starbucks Shuts down Johnathan's Card, I love these experiments in social justice causes... too bad someone has to go ruin it for everyone. I never used the card but I loved the idea behind it... I'm a big fan of the living generously... and helping other people out...
  9. The Best Droid you have... Take that customer service idiots... I love how after being told her phone was broken and that they couldn't fix it that she didn't take that for a final answer!

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  1. Thanks for including me! You'll love the new one for today about how a pothole almost sent me to jail!!