Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our plans for the month...

This month we are going to take it easy with the budget since we will be having our stay-cation honeymoon... and it's also our 3 paycheck month so i'll be able to open a brand new Roth IRA at Vanguard in the beinging of August because they lowered the initial opening deposit to $1,000!!!! 

We have decided that each week after the honeymoon is over and SCB goes back to work that we will each get $20 a week for fun money and then we will take half of his remaining earnings and put it towards the emergency fund until it hits $11k and the other half will be put towards saving up for an xbox for his friend. (when SCB lived in Utah his friend/best man treated out a lot because SCB didn't have the money since he wasn't working... they never kept track of the amount, but SCB always said he would get him an Xbox to repay his kindness and so they would be able to play games across the states to help them stay in touch)... and we'd like to make good on that promise. :) 
Once the Xbox and EF are out of the way we will funnel some of that money into a ROTH IRA for SCB and put some of it towards more specific savings... (Like house repairs, car repairs, and vacations!)
I'm so excited to start our marriage off with a solid game plan!!!!!!! More details will follow!


  1. I imagine you will also get some monetary gifts at the wedding to help you accomplish those goals! Congrats!

  2. That's great that youre buying hubby's friend an xbox! I'm sure he'll love it!! :) Good luck reaching your goals this month!

  3. Like Carla, I think it is wonderful that you have not forgotten the generosity of the best man.
    Sounds as if you have everything well in hand for a terrific future together!

  4. I think it's AWESOME that SCB is making good on the XBox promise! He doesn't "have" to do it -- there won't be a creditor knocking on his door if he doesn't do it -- which makes the fact that he's delivering on that promise all the more impressive.

    It's so, so important to live with integrity, and you and SCB are doing it!!