Saturday, May 28, 2011

Debt and Work Update

So my fiance was able to work 3 full days and one half day last week at Labor Ready!!! We always get excited for work and with this weeks earnings I get to adjust the progress side bar to show he has $750.00 saved up to give to his parents... We are half way there folks!!! Only $750 more to go and we start our marriage off DEBT FREE (sans the mortgage).

Sadly, though we aren't sure how much longer they are going to need a third person in the kitchen working. He's already been cut on Fridays unless theres an event or one of the other two guys needs to miss a day... and this week he got a half day in because they didn't need him all day. 

But money is money, income is income, and its good for my fiance to be out of the house and coming home with a paycheck.

The only bad news is that since he didn't work on Friday, and since Monday is a holiday we have no idea if my fiance is "invited" back to work on Tuesday... 

He tried to call in a few times yesterday but couldn't get a straight answer... we even tried piecing together a shredded time card to get the number for the company he's been working with.

So now he'll have to show up early on Tuesday just in case he needs and get in line for work again if he lost his gig... 

Hopefully he'll be invited back to work... We can only cross our fingers at this point since we never know how long a job will last and we have been very fortunate so far.

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