Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Grocery shopping adventure at Fresh and Easy

Last week when South County Boy and I went grocery shopping we weren't able to find any $6 off $30 coupons at the end of the checkout lanes at Fresh and Easy... 

We still have plenty $5 off $25 coupons and $10 off $50 from the savers booklets they mail and leave out at the counters... so we knew we were set for the week (and till the end of this month)... but the $6 off $30 coupons weren't there again when we checked out... and they normally don't mail out the booklets every month. 

I only hope they either keep providing the saver's booklets or bring back and keep the coupons at the end of the checkout lanes. The coupons make it easier for my fiance and I to save money and shop at only one store each week (thus saving gas and time driving around... and we save a few dollars along the way too). We'll be fine for the rest of this month, but i'd hate to have to figure out a new grocery strategy if they stop printing them. 

Here's what we picked up this week:
  • Watermelon $3.99
  • Potatoes: $0.98
  • 5 lbs of Flour: $2.49
  • Grape Nuts: $3.99
  • Generic honey nut cheerios $1.79
  • 2 boxes of wheat thins $4.00
  • Croutons: $1.19
  • Apple Sauce: $1.59
  • Cheao Wheat Bread: $1.19
  • 2 large Artichokes: $3.00
  • Bagged Salad: $1.99
  • Yogurt 4 pack: $2.29
  • Hummus: $1.99
  • Mushrooms: $1.89
  • Marinade: $1.99
  • BBQ Sauce: $1.39
  • Alfredo Sauce: $1.99
  • Italian Dressing: $1.89
  • 2 packages of Hot Dogs: $1.98
  • Eggs: $1.99
  • Ice Cream: $2.79
  • Ice Cream: $2.79
  • Chicken Breasts: $5.54 -- We found it marked down because it needed to be sold and used soon so we grabbed one of those and got the chicken for about a dollar something per lb instead of the new $2.49 lb price. (We freeze the chicken in meal sizes portions that I put in some Rubbermaid containers so we can take out what we need the night or day before, marinate it, and then cook.)
Total: $55.72 - $10.00 off coupon.... Total Spent: $45.72

The coupons aren't supposed to work towards dairy purchases... which is why we buy milk and block cheese at Costco. At the time when we checked out I assumed we had enough non dairy products to activate the $10 off coupon... but it wasn't until I got home and started this post that I realized that if we subtract the ice cream and/or the yogurt from the total, we don't have $50... but the coupon still worked. 

When i first started shopping at Fresh and Easy I asked how they knew if and item was dairy or not... and its all about the bar code number so no one can cheat... So apparently either the yogurt or the ice cream isn't really a dairy product according to the bar code computer... Wish I knew which one it was... 

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