Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Link Love 5/16

Blog Carnivals:

My Favorite Posts I discovered this week:
  • My $1 tax Refund Over at Donna Freedman's blog... A look at how valuable a buck really is.
  • Our Town Hall was built debt free Over at Spilling Buckets... a nice reminder of a simpler time when local governments actually looked at the people's best interests at heart. 
  • Excuses aren’t valid anymore Over at Bean Town Happy Homeowner... How a simple phrase can really dictate and change your priorities. 
  • The Costs Associated with Sharing a Car with Your Spouse Over at Super Frugalette... This post hit home because my fiance and I have talked about becoming a one car family if his dies or if it won't pass SMOG next year... Its good to be reminded of the possible inconveniences. 

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